Vista Air™ Vertically Folding Walls

Vista Air Vertically Folding Walls

Vertically folding doors from Vista Air™ offer an unmatched occupant experience by merging two spaces to into one truly transformative space. By acting as gateways to other rooms or even the outdoors, Vista Air™ Vertically Folding Walls connect you with other spaces and/or beautiful vistas where other walls divide. Vista Air's innovative engineering makes creating extrodinary open spaces as easy as pressing button, and returning your space to thermal and moisture controlled indoor space just as easy. When closed, Vista Air™ Vertically Folding Walls create a thermal and moisture protected environment with outstanding views. When open, they provide unobstructed views, improved air flow and energy savings. Vista Air™ Vertically Folding Walls come in multiple cladding options to fit your space pefectly, and features a low-profile design that is easy and less costly to install than similar systems. Contact the experts at HQI High Performance Door Division if you're ready to defy barriers with a Vista Air™ Vertically Folding Wall.

The Vista Air™ Advantage

Create Dynamic Spaces

Verically Folding Walls offer an extroidinary experience with unrestricted airflow and unimpeded views, all while displaying excellent thermal and moisture protection when closed.

Simple Maintenance & Quiet Operation

Vista Air's innovative Rizon™ Lift System does away with conventional counterweight and hydraulic systems to simplify maintenance, installation and operation. The Rizon™ Lift System features meshing gear technology to reduce operational noise and limit occupant disruption during opening and closing.

Design Sustainably

Vista Air™ utilizes recycled aluminum while maintaining design functionality and thermal performance

Harmonizing Options

With a small footprint and clean, contemporary design along with multiple cladding options, Vista Air™ Vertically folding walls can be seamlessy incorporated into existing spaces and structures.

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