High-Performance Doors for the Automotive Industry

Distinguish yourself from your competitors with the enhanced aesthetics of Rytec High-Performance Doors. High-performance doors will welcome your customers with contemporary design and superior efficiency, creating a lasting first impression and setting the tone for a positive customer experience. Whether there for sales or service, high-performance doors create a comfortable environment for all that will last for years to come.

Rytec High Performance DoorsThe Wow Factor

The fast opening speeds of high-performance doors establishes a sense of surprise for customers expecting the sluggish opening speeds of normal overhead doors. You can further add to the wow factor with custom options, emphasizing your dealerships commitment to quality and detail. Make sure your customer’s also feel at home by seamlessly separating environments with fast entry and superior noise reduction.


Rytec High Performance DoorsEnhanced Work Environment

High-performance doors also create efficient work environments. Minimized air infiltration allows for ultimate temperature control leading to lower energy bills. High-speed performance assures efficient vehicle movement in and out of service areas, minimizing customer wait times. Efficient and controlled work environments further add to the legitimacy of your dealership and, in return, can attract highly skilled technicians to work for you.

Rytec Spiral Door TechnologyReliable &Efficient Performance

High-performance doors are engineered to meet the requirements of high-cycle operations, such as auto dealerships, and require minimal maintenance, only requiring basic checks to assure reliable performance. High-performance doors are also built with durable materials for years of worry-free operation. Heavy-duty materials and enhanced safety technology features prevent or minimize damage by accidental impacts, extending the life and operation of your high-performance door. 

Rytec High Performance Door Safety FeaturesA Focus on Safety

Workplace safety is always a primary concern. Protect employees, customers, vehicles and equipment with high-performance doors. Offered with a full lineup of operational safety features, high performance doors will ensure the safety of all those using them while assuming high operational efficiency. Standard safety features include:

  • Door Activation Sensors
  • Safety Light Systems
  • Photo Eyes
  • Reversing Bottom Edge

Rytec High Performance DoorsLongstanding Reliability

Engineered to withstand the abuse of everyday use, high-performance doors are designed for high-cycle operations and will provide you with years of worry-free operation. high-performance doors are custom built to fit your workspace to assure premium fit and smooth performance, cycle after cycle. No matter your application requirements, these doors will provide a specialize solution perfect for you and your business. Some specialized solutions include:

  • Full Vision Doors
  • Security Doors
  • Low Headroom Doors
  • Hurricane Zone Doors

The high-performance door experts at HQI's High Performance Door Division can answer any and all of your high-performance door questions. Contact us to for a consultation or to schedule an installation.

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