Why Maintain Your Overhead Doors?

Many organizations don’t think about their door systems, but there are good reasons to do so ...

Reduced Maintenance


Overhead doors are designed to need routine maintenance. Without it, they become prone to failure.

Commercial doors are made with small, inexpensive components that wear, and need checking and replacement during a door system’s normal lifecycle. Finding and fixing small problems, like frayed cables or worn rollers, before they become big problems, like a door that falls, is money well-spent.

Safety Compliance

To comply with safety law.

Although often overlooked, there are workplace safety requirements for commercial doors (see below), and improperly maintained or configured doors create increased safety compliance and liability exposure. Your overhead doors should always be included in your Safety Program.

Why choose HQI Door Company?

HQI uses SafedoorPM, a planned maintenance and safety compliance program designed specifically for commercial doors. We use the program to do a better job maintaining your door systems. Here’s how:

  • The right PM work, at the right times. Our service technicians are guided by SafedoorPM's powerful mobile app with its comprehensive knowledge-base of manufacturers' maintenance standards and practices. Your doors will receive the right PM work, to the right standards, at the right intervals.
  • Safety compliance. SafedoorPM specifically addresses safety devices and accessories, and is designed to meet Occupational Health & Safety standards, reduce safety liability, and fit easily into your Safety Program.
  • Keep costs down. SafedoorPM's mobile app enables technicians to work more productively by giving them all the information they need at their fingertips, convenient ways to input notes and photos, door PM history, and more.
  • Comprehensive, no-hassle record-keeping. All of your PM records are securely stored in SafedoorPM's cloud-based Customer Portal, where you can access them 24/7.

During a SafedoorPM, we will inspect, check, lubricate, tighten, balance, and test your doors, operators and safety accessories. All mechanical and structural elements, settings, and controls will be assessed and graded. We’ll pay special attention to safety devices to ensure your doors are correctly configured, and that all safety devices are functioning properly.

We’ll provide you with detailed inspection records that clearly identify any corrective work needed to address critical safety hazards or operational problems. Any corrective service work will proceed only with your authorization. Quotations and estimates are provided.

To ensure your doors remain properly cared for, we’ll recommend an ongoing PM schedule, keep track of the PM calendar, and contact you as the next PM interval approaches.

All of your PM records will be securely stored on SafedoorPM’s cloud-based Customer Portal, where you can access them 24/7.

OSHA/ OSH Standards

OSHA requirements for overhead doors fall under Section 5(a)(1) of the Act, the General Duty Clause. Under Section 5(a)(1), OSHA enforcement typically cites the absence of entrapment devices, either photo-eyes or sensing edges, as causing an unacceptable exposure to a “Crushing” or “Struck-by” hazard. There are also citations referencing improperly maintained and/or installed door systems. OSHA abatement often instructs to “hire a professional to install the safety devices and conduct periodic inspections ...” .

The Occupational Safety and Health Divsion of the Minnesota’s Department of Labour issued a Clarification of Minnesota Rules 5205.0675, subp. 2 further relating to overhead door safety and compliance.

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